Multi-Room Audio and Video Systems in every room

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Do you want to enjoy music and movies in every room of your house? We provide cutting edge audio-video systems that will play in every room in your home. You will have open access to all your media files and start listening to your favourite radio stations, enjoy a huge number of tracks through Spotify, Napster, Tidal or iTunes.

Multi Room Audio Video

HD & 4K video sources are centralized, so our touch screen interfaces can start your TV and all of your AV systems.

Listen to your favourite tracks or radio stations while you performing the ordinary daily tasks, while you having guests or even when you’re in the bath. Access any favourites directly from your touchscreen and listen to the discretely recessed speakers in the wall or in the ceiling. Should you wish to extend your AV system outside we even provide weatherproof Tv’s and speakers.


When technology is truly integrated into the fabric of the home it can complement the room design and be completely unobtrusive.

There are no wires or multimedia boxes all around the house. Everything is centrally stored in a single rack and you can sync everything together to form a home entertainment network.

You can keep all your favourite files on a central hard drive and you can carry on listening to your music, while watching TV or as you move around the house.

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