Lighting design and intelligent lighting control

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Lighting is one of the essential elements in your house. It creates a proper, welcoming atmosphere and can be harmonized with any event, with your mood or the time of the day.

Lighting Systems

With the push of a simple button, you can create a great range of light sceneries for the desired impact.

We provide lighting layout, set up and programming services to set the proper mood across your residence.

Light changes can be customized differently in each room according to your preferences. Your alternatives for personalizing the lights sceneries are practically limitless with the intelligent lighting control.

Whilst designing a lighting system, natural and artificial light play an important part, so we use both to create the perfect environment, a welcoming house, energy efficient and secure in the same time.


Our scene controlled lighting fixtures structures will permit you to pick specific lighting sceneries of each room: ''WATCH TV', 'NIGHT', 'WELCOME HOME', and so on.

We can design lighting schemes to suit your requirements, preferences or simply your mood, by programming the system to allow changing the blend of the ambient colour.

Be it parties, dinner, watching a movie or just relaxing, the automated lighting control system will set the mood!

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