Integrated Receiving Systems

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Integrated Receiving Systems, commonly known as IRS, are the most common systems for flats, blocks of apartments, office buildings, house estates, where a single dish and aerial is required for digital satellite signal for the whole building.

Integrated Receiving Systems

In very simple terms, IRS is a single dish, mounted on the top of the building, with few cables running down to the best possible central location where we are able to install amplifiers, equalizers and multi-switch boxes.

From this central position, you just run one single cable to the required position and you will be able to enjoy full digital satellite.

Please note that if you require Sky Plus or Sky Digital, you will need at least two cables from the switch boxes and a subscription to these services and get a Sky Digital box. You can connect the Sky Box, without having to go on the top of the roof.

If you wish reception from another satellite, a bigger IRS system might be required, known as cascade IRS systems, needed to handle longer cable routes.


An assessment-our team of specialist will assess the premises and will propose the best solution for what you need.

Supply-we supply all the required equipment and you can make a confident choice based on your preferences and your budget.

Install- all newly installed equipment is run through rigorous on-site testing to ensure that system is working as it should.

Maintain- we offer a maintenance service on a regular basis or for an emergency.

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