Discrete and totally hidden Audio Video

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Hidden technology, motorized screens, media décor and more, all play a huge role in complementing the aesthetics of your home. TVs that only reveal themselves when required and hidden speakers make this hidden technology perfect for today’s homes, as homeowners and architects are becoming more discerning.

Hidden Technology

An aesthetically pleasing living space has very little, if no technology at all to show and all our solutions allow for total concealment.

We can hide your TV behind mirrors, artworks or even in custom made joinery that reveals the TV by motorized or manual actions.

We can make your speakers virtually invisible in the wall or ceiling. Also, we can completely hide large subwoofer speakers but still not compromise the sound quality.

Conceal and reveal design

Our team of specialists will work with you to offer solutions to keep your home neat and clutter free and create a highly enjoyable environment with unprecedented level of elegance to your technology installation.

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Interested in learning more about our services?