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Window shades might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about smart business solutions, but make no mistake about it: automating your shades can have a hugely positive impact.

Many people mistakenly assume that the major benefit of smart shades is the time and effort saved by automating the process. Though this is beneficial, another main appeal for businesses is boosted security capabilities. Controlling your shades through a convenient smartphone app is a great way to remotely deter theft and other crimes.

Automating window shades and curtains might seem superfluous to some, but these people have likely never been responsible for closing up shop at a commercial business, dealing with high, difficult to reach windows or simply having to close a lot of windows quickly.

When you switch to smart window shades and curtains, you can control all of your shades through one central, easy to use smartphone application. Smart curtains can even be programmed to rise and shut at specific times each day.

This might only save five or ten minutes a day, but that’s thirty-five to fifty minutes a week…or almost two thousand minutes over the course of a year. To unlock that free time at your business, call the trusted automation experts at GM SMART SYSTEMS LTD today.

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